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The Job

For document restoration to mitigate damage and be effective, it should only be done by a professional restoration service. Damaged documents need immediate and careful attention. Super Restoration understands the importance of adequately restoring documents, so our services are deliberate and methodical. This process ensures that everything is taken care of the best way possible and meets our exacting standards as well as your requirements.

Damage Mitigation

The specialists with Super Restoration can restore a variety of documents to the best state possible and will advise if the article is beyond saving. We will not charge you for services our experts know will not work. Our direct dealings ensure you have had a team on your side, working to restore your paper articles. Whether your documents are historical or sentimental, we can repair them. Documents can include:

  • Medical forms & histories
  • Legal paperwork
  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Photo albums
  • Historical documents
  • Financial work
  • Money
  • Any Paper, linen or cotton rag item

Documents damaged by water and fire pose immediate concerns as they are the most problematic. With fire, secondary issues like smoke and chemicals found in fire suppressants and extinguishers can continue to cause damage. And depending on how the water damage first occurred, flooding, burst water mains or sewer back up means other substances are wreaking havoc on documents and must be dealt with swiftly.

Restoring your items on your own may be tempting. However, if improperly restored your documents can deteriorate further or contaminate other items stored nearby. Hiring the professionals with Super Restoration will prevent that ripple effect from happening. Starting by utilizing our services means you can avoid costly restoration work later and possibly destruction of that property.

Super Restoration works alongside your insurance companies, so they have insight into your restoration work and costs.

Super Restoration Services

We offer a wide variety of services in emergency damage mitigation and document restoration. The type of damage sustained, the level of damage and scope of the recovery needed will determine which and how many services we will utilize for any single job. Our services can include:


Freezing allows the correct amount for time for our specialist to determine the best method of treatment while preventing any continued damage.

Freeze drying

Freeze drying arrests water damage by solidifying and removing water before damage can spread or become permanent. Most documents professionally freeze dried within 24 hours of the incident can be restored.

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning is a time consuming but effective method for restoration. If a document is scrubbed too harshly, it is subject to additional damage. If treated too gently, the underlying problems are not addressed, and the damage worsens.


The historical significance of documents is conveyed when the look and feel of the original are carried over to the copy.


Super Restoration is available for copying a large number of letter or legal-sized documents, as well as any number of unusual sized documents not available from most office printers.


The importance of a book or document can easily be overlooked during research with a damaged or unappealing jacket. Re-jacketing allows the cover to accurately portray the significance of the item.


You have more urgent issues to address than boxing your essential documents for storage. Let the Super Restoration team do it for you, so you can spend your energy where it is needed most.


Improper storage can allow damage to overtake your essential documents without your awareness slowly. Super Restoration specializes in keeping records safe and stored properly.


Labeling is another project we can do for you so you can find what you need when you need it.

Document Restoration Steps

  • Evaluation

    Before removal of any documents from a property, a thorough evaluation of all documents is performed to establish proper methods and steps necessary to restore the materials properly. Super Restoration will not remove any documents from a property that may not be restorable unless authorized by the client to attempt restoration.

  • Inventory

    A full and accurate inventory of all documents is taken to account for everything removed from the property. Super Restoration takes all measures to accommodate client requests, and therefore clients may arrange for on-site restoration services to uphold the integrity of existing privacy and security practices.

  • Packing and removal

    Super Restoration document specialists will handle, pack and move documents to the document restoration facility. Great efforts are made to limit further damage to the documents during this process. Super Restoration adheres to strict protocols to protect your documents. If not handled correctly, documents may continue to deteriorate, de-laminate, unbind, bleed, shrink or warp. Super Restoration crews are trained to treat many types of materials and the challenges that each poses.

  • Stabilization

    Documents are immediately stabilized upon arrival at the document restoration facility while technicians prepare to execute restoration. Stabilization is an integral part in recovery as it limits further damage while the tedious and potentially lengthy process of restoration commences. Super Restoration has fixed and mobile document freezing capabilities. These freezers allow for stabilization of documents impacted by water, humidity, moisture, and mold.

  • Restoration

    The methods of restoration can vary depending on the type of document. Books, newspapers, photographs and legal files may all have a different approach depending on the source and extent of the damage. Super Restoration has trained specialists ready to assist when seconds matter.